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Vansia Angus


The Steyn Family
The Steyn family

Vansia Red Angus stud belongs to Johan and JM Steyn and was founded in 1975. They started with two cows they bought from Hannes Muller from the Elslie stud in Marquird. In 1976, they bought more cows from Barry Kramer and Charles Pope. That same year, they bought the stud bull, Ndhlvu Red III.

The Steyns manage a diversified farm in Bothaville in the Free State. In the summer the cattle graze on natural and planted grass fields and in winter they eat harvest reserves.

From the stud's beginning, they have done performance testing and every year they have been doing phase D testing and sent some bulls for phase C testing. Shows are taken very seriously and over the years, the Vansia studs cattle have proven themselves in the showring.

Stud Sires

Elslie Red VictoryElslie Red Victory, purchased from Hannes Muller, is the cornerstone of the Vansia stud. In 1986, he was the National Junior champion at the Johannesburg show. In 1987, he won the Gold Cup at Vryburg. Victory has bred extremely high quality females and his superior genes can still be seen throughout the herd to this day. Some of the best females in the country are found to be his descendants.

Tarzan Kingwheel 900, purchased from Lieb De Preeq, had a huge effect on the Vansia herd. His father, Leachman Kingdom, was probably one of the best bulls in this country. He is well-known for providing his female offspring with exquisite feminine qualities.

Marshmoor Lonestar 011Marshmoor Lonestar 011, purchased from Charles Pope as a calf with his mother. From a young age impressed us, so we decided to used him in the stud.
In 2004, he was a National Reserve Senior champion bull. Since then his two sons, Vansia JMS 04138 and Vansia Loneranger, have become national champions in 2008. JMS 04138 was awarded Senior and Grand Champion and Loneranger was awarded Junior and Reserve Grand Champion.

Prinsvlei Rambo
Prinsvlei Rambo

Prinsvlei Rambo, purchased from Dirk Gilomee, bred the most stud bulls at Vansia. He bred bulls such as Better, Impacter, Blue, Rambo 90, Cardinial and Donker. His female offspring has been found to have good fertility and great udders.


Tarzan Heavenly 49, bred by Leib de Preeq and purchased from Carel Gagiano, has been the one most used in the last few years. He was the firstborn of Gasella 801, one of the best females in the country. He is great for breeding both males and females that do very well in shows and competitions, such as Diablo, Big Easy, and Pop 177.


The Vansia Red Angus stud has been privileged to have originated quality bloodlines. To this day, champion are being bred out of these lines:

Vansia Sonja 377 needs no introduction with offspring like 761, 1537, 875, and Gambler who is now owned by Vosloo's.

Vansia 379 did very well at Loutjie Campher's with national champions, Frans and Rose.

Vansia 981 produced three champions in a short period of time for Rayne Snyman who cannot talk enough about her. Her champions she produced were Ice, Azzaan, and Natasha.

Vansia Sussie was Northwest Junior Champion in her day. She bred two champions; Miss Perfect and Rambo 90.

Vansia Pop 59 mothered Pop 177, the Northwest Junior Champion in 2010, class winner at the Nationals and Vryburg in 2011. Pop 59 also mothered Jake, who won the National Reserve Champion bull calf also in 2011.

Vansia Sherry 464Vansia Sherry is one of the oldest bloodlines that surfaced again in 2011 with Sherry 464, the Junior Champion and the winner of the National Heifer.



  • National Res. Senior Champion bull. Marshmoor Lonestar 011 (sire Marshmoor Lonestar). Marshmoor Lonestar 011

  • Highest price at the Nationale auction; Vanesia Better (sire Prinsvlei Rambo) sold to Mequatling
    for R40 000.
    Vansie Better


  • National Junior and Res. Grand Champion Bull. Vanesia JMJ 04 52. (sire Prinsvlei Rambo)Vansia JMJ 04 52

  • National Res. Junior Champion Bull. Vansia JMS 04 138.(sire Elslie Red Victory)
    Vansia 04 138


  • Highest price at Nasional Sale. Vansia JMS 05 223 (sire Prinsvlei Rambo) sold to PJ Moller
    for R42 000.
    Vansia JMS 05 223


  • National Res. Junior Champion heifer JMS 07 283 (sire Vanesia Joe Red)
    Vansia 07 283

  • National Res. Junior Champion bull. Vanesia Rambo (sire Prinsvlei Rambo)
    Vanesia Rambo

  • National Junior and Res. Grand Champion bull, Vansia Loneranger (Marshmoor Lonestar 011)Vansia Loneranger

  • National Senior and Grand Champion bull, Hertzogville Gold cup winner, Vryburg runner up Gold cup, Bloemskou Gold cup winner. Vansia JMS 04 183 (sire Marshmoor Lonestar 011) He was sold for a SA record price of R100 000 to Christoff Nel and Gert Malherbe.
    Vansia JMS 04 183

  • Vansia received the jacket for Red Angus Breeder of Champions.


  • Vansia Diablo (sire Tarzan Heavenly 49) represents the breed at the ARC Special performance test class at Pretoria show.
    Vansia Diablo

  • During the 1st Angus Alliance sale, JMS 08 409 was sold for a SA record price for a red angus heifer at R90 000, paid by Mark Hatting of western Australia.
    Vansia JMS 08 409


  • National Res. Bull calf Champion. Vansia Jake. (sire 5L Norseman King)
    Vansia Jake

  • National Heifer and Junior Champion Female. Vansia Sherry 464 (sire Above Heaven)Vansia Sherry 464

  • National Senior and Res. Grand Champion Female. Vansia Adel (Basin Trendsetter)
    Vansia Adel


  • Vansia Dynamic (sire Mulberry) represents the Breed at the ARC Special performance test class at Pretoria show.
    Vansia Adel


  • National Res. Senior Champion Female Vansia Victoria (sire Anvos Echo) .
    Vansia Adel

  • National Junior and Grand Champion Bull and Gold Cup winner Vansia Bertus (sire Bieber Virile) at Bloem show.
  • Sold for R170 000 to PF Ernst Familie Trust at the Angus Alliance sale.
    Vansia AdelVansia Adel


  • National Senior and Grand Champion female Vansia Robin[sire Loumotta Major Man].
    Vansia Adel


  • Vansia Bentley - Vryburg Senior Champion Bull ; Inter-provincial Championships Bloem Show - Senior en Grand Champion Bull
    Vansia Bentley
  • Vansia Tyrone - Inter-provincial Championships Bloem Show - Junior Champion Bull
    Vansia Tyrone


  • Vansia Banknote - Hertzogville Show and Vryburg Show: Calf Champion
    Vansia Banknote
  • Vansia Bentley - Hertzogville Show and Vryburg Show: Senior en Grand Champion Bull
    Vansia Bentley
  • Vansia Pop 871 - Hertzogville Show and Vryburg Show: Junior Female Champion as well as Interbreed Grand Champion – Female
    Vansia Pop


  • Vansia Master JMS 16 55 - 2019  National Reserve Junior Champion bull 
    Vansia Master

View our victory roll of SA Grand Champions & Reserve Grand Champions for the last 15 years.

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