Roelou Angus


The Roelou stud was founded in 1991 when the first assortment of cattle for this purpose was acquired at the auction of the late Mr. Dawid De Villiers', with the herd thereafter expanded by acquiring the best genetics available and supplementing the herd with animals from all over South Africa ever since; and also by utilising imported donor-sperm (for artificial-insemination) and embryos (for embryo-transfer).

Stud sires

A large variety of bulls have, over the years, been used in our herd, and bulls that have really been exceptional in this regard were:

  • Lcmn Front Runner: Topmost Beef-Cattle Champion – RL 93 15

  • Bieber Chiefton 3080: – RL 05 32 was Junior and Reserve Grand Champion & RL05 33 was Reserve Junior Champion.

  • Loumotta King Heavenly: Runner-up and Junior Champion – RL01 326

  • Woodview Heavenly: Topmost Beef-Cattle Champion – RL04 458

  • DHD Traveler: Topmost Beef-Cattle Champion – RL99 207

  • Mequatling Denominator: Senior Champion – RL99 206

  • Lcmn Saugahatchee: Senior Champion – RL01 297

  • Lcmn Red Spread: Junior Interbreed Champion – RL03 403

  • EXT: Reserve Senior Champion – RL00 267

  • Woodview Greenhorn: Junior Champion & Grand Champion – RL08 742

  • Ultavox: Grand Champion – RL05 515

Bulls currently in use:

  • Bieber Virile
  • Lcmn Above Heaven
  • Sakic
  • Mulburry
  • TJ
  • RCM 08 71
  • Greenhorn
  • Final Answer
  • Heritage
  • RL 08 770
  • New Frontier
  • LC 99 51
  • Heavy Hitter
  • SAV Heritage


The importance of cow-bloodlines (lineage) in a herd must not be underrated, and we would love to mention a number of cows that had seriously made their mark in the Roelou herd

RL 99 207
RL 99 207


1) DVG 231 ( Destiny Daisy) The matriarch of the Roelou-herd (her mother was VB25) and a offspring of the well-known Choctow 373, she was an ‘elite’ Farmers Weekly cow.  Daisy had left us with 14 female animals.  In fact, sixty percent of our current herd are offspring of this cow.  A grand-daughter of Daisy, i.e. Ruby (RL 99 207, is also the current S.A. record-holder for the Most Expensive Cow (R80 000) at the National Auction.

2) MM 1017 ( Marshmoor Rafferty). She had left us with excellent female offspring and had also bred a National Junior- and Reserve-Top Champion bull.

RL 08769

WB 98775

3)WB 98 775 (Mequatling Harriette)Having won a Superior award from the *LNR, she certainly was the best of the all the cows we had ever procured from the Barnards. Keep an eye on her son Hot Harry (RL 08 769), a potential stud-bull (Hot Harry also features in our journal-advertisement).

RL 08 743 

RL 07 667

RL 99 187

4) RL 99 187. She is probably the most exemplary black cow we had ever had.   However, with both DVG231 and MM1017 in her lineage, this certainly comes as no surprise.   Her father Denominator, or Mequatling, had left us with some excellent breeding-material.  She breeds prodigiously, and her first two bull-calves were each sold for the highest bid of all their contemporaries. 

Her third calf, RL 05 515 (Ultra Rafter), was the National Top Champion, Black Angus Bull for 2008.  Her fourth calf, RL 07 667, is the current National Senior and Reserve Great Champion.  Her next calf, RL 08 743, was sold to Mr. Leon Van Rooyen at our first auction for R60 000, and the calf thereafter, RL 09 821, also looks very promising and was announced as Reserve Junior Champion Bull.

 5) RL 99 206. Another Denominator-daughter from the well-known Rosewick Mary Elizabeth cow of the late Mr. Wally Sharrat, she was the Senior- and Great Champion Cow at Vryburg, and had also received a magnificent award from the LNR after having been the Number One Maternal Black Cow in South Africa in 2003.

6) RL 00 267. An EXT daughter (from the well-known Sky Athena cow of Wally Sharrat, she was the National Reserve Senior Champion in 2008. Her New Frontier daughter, RL 09 800, has also been announced as the 2011 National *Heifer Champion.


During the 2011 National Championships:
Breeder of Champions Award
Breeder with most points
Reserve grand champion black Angus female
Reserve senior champion black angus female
Junior & Grand Champion black angus female

View our victory roll of SA Grand Champions & Reserve Grand Champions for the last 15 years.

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