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Roechama Angus


The Roechama herd was started by Gert Malherbe in 1990 on their family farm Graslaagte in the Hertzogville region of the Free State.  His two sons, RC and Andre have now joined him on the farm and together they have a successful combined farming.  The farming involves planting maize, a Mutton Merino Sheep stud as well as a Brangus stud.

Stud sires

G 95358
We bought him as a two year old and showed him in 2000 when he became SA Snr Champion.  He is the grandfather of the 2011 SA Grand Champion Cow (RCM 02077) and RCM 08168 Honey, the two time Gold Cup winner in 2012.

AC 98452   King Heavenly
He has bred top of the range cows which provide us yearly with sturdy calves.  He is a bull which features as one of the strong building blocks in our herd.   Two of his daughters excelled at national level by becoming the SA Reserve Grand Champion in 2008 (RCM 0331) and in 2011 RCM 02077 became the SA Grand Champion.

RCM 0141
A Reserve SA Senior Champion.  A very well balanced bull with a lot of width, but unfortunately we lost him shortly after his victory.  All of his progeny which are still part of our herd just keep on producing at a high standard.  He produced exceptional sons, one being RCM 07148, Junior Champion at the Vryburg show in 2010. He is also the Grandfather of Roechama Hertzog, described by Kevin Miles as his favourite bull during the Royal Agricultural Show 2012, here he was Calf Champion.

JMS 03110JMS 03110
This was and is probably the best bull which we have ever used.  A dark red, medium framed bull with tremendous capacity.  This bull had length, width, strong back and an excellent hind quarter.  Words are not enough to describe this bull. We sold this majestic bull as a seven year old to Mike Charters in 2010 for R120 000.  He is the father of the 2 time Gold Cup Winner Roechama Honey 08168.  He also won the father progeny of 4 animals at the 2009 National Show, 2010 Vryburg and Bloemfontein Show and in 2012 at the Vryburg, Bloemfontein and Royal Show.

JMS 04183JMS 04183
2008 National Champion  and a Gold Cup winner.  We bought this bull together with the late Mr Christoff Nel.  This was by far the longest bull we had ever seen and together with his length was the tremendous width he had to offer.  His first daughters in our herd have started calving and they are very feminine and have exceptional udders, something which we have become extremely strict on as the years have progressed.  As a National Champion himself, he also produced a national champion during 2011, our own Roechama Jesse – National Calf Champion 2011. 

JAN 051778 HillaryJan 051778 Hillary
We purchased him at the National Sale in 2008.  A bigger framed bull with an excellent back and prominent muscling.   Piet Delport described him as an excellent example of what each breeder should strive to breed in a bull.  He is the father of Roechama Match Maker, the 2011 SA Calf Champion and Junior Champion in all shows entered during 2012.

AC 0577 Major Man
A stud sire out of the very famous Gazella cow.  His father is the well-known and widely used Major League.  We bought Major Man with Supa van Rooyen and on both farms he fathered very strong calves.  He is the father to RCM 0866, the highest priced bull at the National Sale in 2010.


RCM 9856
A very feminine cow with an excellent udder and bred out of the SA Snr Champion Bull G 95358. She produced RCM 08168 Honey that won two gold Cups in 2012 and she was runner up to a Gold Cup in 2011. She also produced RCM 1026 Honey that was calf champion heifer at three different shows in 2012.

RCM 9932
The best breeding cow that we have ever had.  She had excellent muscling,and with that a very good udder and  hind quarter.  She produced RCM 02077 who was National Grand Champion in 2011.  She also produced RCM 9078 Robust, a JMS 04183 son that we are currently using as a stud Sire.  Her last calf before she sadly passed away, RCM 10225 Levi, was calf champion at the Bloemfontein show and reserve calf champion at the Royal show.

RCM 5089RCM 5089
A cow with incredible length, lots of width and also a brilliant udder.  Her first calf was a Major Man bull which was the highest priced bull bought by A Markgraaff at the 2010 National Sale.  Her second calf was the 2011National Calf Champion Heifer, RCM 09151 Jesse.

During 2011 we were fortunate enough to acquire the stud of the late Mr Christoff Nel which had some of the best breeding genetics available.  In 2008 Mr Nel bought  the best cows that were on offer at all the sales country wide.  These included AC 00621 a past SA Grand Champion, KD 03161 also a past SA Grand Champion, LC 9801 Gazella a very well know cow form Lieb du Preez that is regarded by many as one of the best cows in South Africa., JMS 02010  the 2008 FS Grand Champion, JAN 98495, 707 Girlie, 777 Anny , these were of the best cows Jan Vosloo had to offer. There were also a Red Lauren Daughter.  We currently have embroys of about 12 of these cows available for selling
We were able to obtain some Black genetics as well and we hope that this will give us a huge step forward in our Black Angus herd.

  • WB 01301 Lassie – Gold Cup Winner
  • WB 02226 Doukisa – Past SA Record Price holder
  • KD 0139 Tessa – Past SA Jnr Champion

  • Achievements


    • SA Reserve Champion Cow – RCM 0331


    • Jnr Interbreed Champion Bloemfontein show – RCM 07167
      RCM 07167


    • Runner up Gold Cup in Bloemfontein – JAN 051778
      JAN 051778
      Highest Priced Bull at National sale, sold to Andre Markgraaff – RCM 0866
      as well as highest average at the sale.


    • SA Calf Champion Female – RCM 09151 Jesse
      RCM 09151 Jesse
    • SA Calf Champion Male – RCM 09126 Match Maker
      RCM 09126 Match Maker

    • SA Snr and Grand Champion Female – RCM 02077
      RCM 02077
      She was also the Snr Interbreed Champion

    • At the National show we received the Breeder of Champions Jacket
      Runner up Gold Cup Bloemfontein – RCM 08168 Honey
      RCM 02077

    2012RCM Honey 206RCM Levi

    • Vryburg show:
      4 Champions and 5 Reserve Champions
      Jnr interbreed winner – RCM 10512

    • Bloemfontein show:RCM 09126 MatchmakerRCM 10512
      5 Champions and 4 Reserve Champions
      Gold Cup Winner RCM 08168 Honey

    • Royal Show:
      3 Champions and 4 Reserve Champions
      Gold Cup Winner RCM 08168 HoneyRCM 10506RCM 0934 wizzy


    • RCM 11105 – 2015 National Reserve Senior Champion Bull
      RCM 11105
    • Roechama Amy    RCM 12102 – 2015 National Reserve Junior Champion female
      RCM 12102
    • Roechama Vicroria RCM 1082 – 2015 National Reserve Senior Champion cow


    • RCM 1322 – 2016 Junior Champion female Bloemfontein Show

      Roechama Honey 202
    • RCM 12102 – 2016 Senior and Grand Champion female Bloemfontein Show


    • Roechama Honey 202 – SA National Calf Champion
      Roechama Honey 202
    • Roechama Suré – SA Senior and Grand Champion Female
      Roechama Suré
    • RCM 1466 – 2017 Angus Representative SA Studbook and Vleissentraal Growth Test
    • Roechama Honey 04 RCM 1504 – 2017  National Junior and Reserve Grand Chamion Female
      Roechama Suré


    • Roechama Elegance – 2018 Grand Champion Bull Bloemfontein Show and Vryburg Show

      Roechama Honey 202
    • Roechama Mielan RCM 15186 – 2018 Grand Champion Bloemfontein Show and Vryburg Show
      Roechama Suré


    • Roechama Elegance RCM 1519 2019 National Senior and Grand Champion Bull
    • Roechama Leonard RCM 1716 2019 National Junior Champion Bull
    • Roechama Power Eye RCM 18231 2019 National Tiny Tot Champion
      Power Eye
    • Roechama Suré 2019 National Reserve Grand Champion Female
      Roechama Suré

    View our victory roll of SA Grand Champions & Reserve Grand Champions for the last 15 years.

    Contact details

    Gert Malherbe
    Cell: 082 807 9216

    RC Malherbe
    Cell: 084 851 8262