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Loumotta Angus

Lou, Bina, JG & Wilru.


Loutjie is the 5th generation farmer on the farm Roodekop.
The Angus herd was registered in 1988.

We like muscled bulls with great feet and that are full behind the shoulders with extra meat on the hind quarters.

View the victory roll for more details about Loumotta bulls.


We have selected very strictly for strong cow lines and are proud to have most of the South African Champion bloodlines. Our females are structurally correct and have enough milk.

Loumotta stud sires

Leachman Kingdom 8251.  Imported by Charles Pope.  This bull really had an impact on Red Angus in South Africa!! Structurally he bred very correct animals. He was SA National Grand Champion in 1994.  Then his sons and daughters followed in his footsteps:

  • 1996:  Marshmoor Sir Warrior – SA Grand Champion

  • 1998:  Loumotta Jim – SA Grand Champion Bull

  • 2000:  Loumotta Frans - Grand Champion Bull

  • 2002:  Vansia Sonja 761 – She was a Tarzan Kingwheel, which was a Kingdom son.

  • 2004:  Loumotta Wilru – Loumotta King Heavely, also a Kingdom son - Grand Champion Bull.

  • 2006:  Loumotta Tank - Loumotta Jim son - a Kingdom son - Grand Champion Bull.

Leachman Above Heaven 1018.  A bull whose females really catch the eye.  He was a son of Leachman Heavenly 8141.  He is currently the no. 1  bull for milk in SA.  Consequently Loumotta bought all available semen of this bull in the country.  He is also the ideal bull to use on first calf heifers because of his extra low birth weight.  Usually a bull with low birth weight and a lot of milk, lacks muscle.  This bull, however, is the exception to the rule!

Loumotta Equalizer.  A gold merit stud bull and show bull.  He was Reserve Grand Champion Bull at Vryburg Show (2010).  Equalizer’s father (Anvos Lofty) was a SA Junior Champion Bull.  Equalizer was injured during the 2010 breeding season.  Fortunately we do have enough semen available.  We sold three semen shares and still have two available.  His mother is the well-known Tarzan Gazella.  If you look at our cow line, you will see why Oom Lieb du Preez said that such a cow came along only once in a lifetime!!

Anvos Calvin.  We struck gold!  We bought Calvin 679 on 23 September 2003.  He was Grand Champion in the same year.  Calvin is an Elslie Victory son while his dam was a Marshmoor Libertas daughter.  It really hit us hard when we lost this bull to three day stiffness after two breeding seasons.  Right from the start Calvin bred stud bulls:

  • Loumotta Hulk:  Sold to Stefán Janse van Vuuren for R50 000, which was a SA record price for a Black Angus bull at that stage.  We bought him back, because we can’t do without him!

  • Loumotta Sugar: Grand Champion Bull and Gold Cup Winner 2011 - Loumotta Hulk son.

  • Loumotta TJ: As a stud bull became SA Reserve Senior Champion.  Four semen shares
    already sold, one left.

  • Loumotta Buster: Sold to Mike Charters.

  • Loumotta Calvin:  A stroke of bad luck when he broke his leg just before the  National Sale.

  • Loumotta Agro:  Bought by André Markgraaff.

  • legendLOUMOTTA LEGEND  is a Sugar son out of a Calvin daughter.  Leon van Rooyen bought the bull for a new S.A. record price of R210 000.  Gary Olivier and Enslin Coetzee also bought semen shares.  What makes this bull so special is his unbelievable balance and hindquarter.  I am sure that this is only the beginning and that Leon will make waves in the Cape with this bull.

Calvin bred bulls with exceptional hind quarters – a trait that I value a lot!  His females are thick and have unbelievable udders and a lot of milk.  Oom Jan Vosloo told me, not long before he passed away, that he should never have sold the bull!

  • concreteLOUMOTTA CONCRETE – Walter Dentlinger, well-known stud breeder form Namibia, selected Loumotta Concrete for Reino Basson. Concrete is a Mulberry son out of a Leachman Grand Canyon daughter. Mulberry is the best Angus bull bred in Canada and also used worldwide. Grand Canyon was a national champion in the USA. Loumotta retained semen from Concrete. Reino Basson paid R 220 000 for Loumotta Concrete and we believe he will be as happy with the bull as we were.
  • johndeereLOUMOTTA JOHN DEERE – SA Grand Champion bull at the SA Centenary National Championship show in Bloemfontein in May 2017. John Deere’s sire is Feddes Big Sky R9 and his dam CBC 10-688 Jewel. He was sold for a new record price of R255 000 to Gert and RC Malherbe, at the champions auction directly after the show. This bull had a 28kg birth weight, his mom was a heifer, and at the time of the show (just over 3 years old) he weighed 1270kg.

Loumotta female lines

Vansia Sonja 761.  SA Champion Cow.  And this wasn’t a one time-deal!  Her brothers include Vansia 875, which was used as stud bull in the Vansia herd, Anvos Gambler, a Major League son which was used in the Anvos stud as her well-known sister Sonja 1537, which was also a Junior Champion and Gold Cup-winner.  We bought 761 in partnership with Kobus Delport.  We flushed her and got very good progeny to carry on the line.

Alslee Beckton Rona 81. This cow originated in Beckton, USA, but only fully reached her potential when Oom Jan Vosloo bred the Girlies and the Golden Girls from this line.
At Loumotta we really battled to get this line in our stud.  We bought embryos of the JAN495-cow, which in my view was the best of the Golden Girls.  We have some Equalizer/Golden Girl-calves on the ground and will be showing them in 2012.  The Girlies came from the SA Reserve Grand Champion, Anvos Girly 707.  She was a Leachman On Target daughter.  Her mother was a Elslie Victory daughter, JAN 377.  We flushed Anvos Girly 707 (with Kobus Delport) and got two daughters, one of whom already has won her class at the National Championships.

Vansia 379.  She is a daughter of Elslie Red Victory (a SA Junior Champion and Gold Cup-winner).  379 will always be remembered for her perfect udder.  She bred well-known animals, such as Loumotta Frans, SA Junior and Grand Champion Bull.  Her daughter, Loumotta Rose was SA Grand Champion and was sold for R100 000 to Christoff Nel.  379 was also flushed and produced Loumotta Major Nel (that was used in the Roelou stud) and his embryo-sister, AC 04-953.  953 weaned a bull calf, AC 09-481, at 350kg!  We think this calf is a potential stud bull. 

Lassie 94-11.  A Leachman Heavenly Daughter out of a Emulous 002.  An exceptional cow that bred four stud bulls, of which Loumotta TJ is still used by us as stud bull.  Her daughter AC 98-448 carried on the tradition with stud bulls and show heifers.  She bred a stud bull 07-245, which we used at Loumotta. Another one of her sons, Loumotta Vermaak, is being used by Stefán van Vuuren.  He was so impressed by the line that he came back and bought 448 as well – he is currently flushing her.

Hijlettas PJ Miss Larcab 86.  Leachman Colt daughter, mother Leachman Larcaba – imported by Petrus le Roux.  She was one of the very first cows that we bought to establish the Loumotta herd.  She had ten daughters and one bull all by herself!  Her ICP of 366 days says it all.  She and her daughters bred the most stud bulls of all the cows at Loumotta. For example AC 94-220, Anise, a Heavenly daughter, bred bulls like Loumotta Tank, Loumotta King Heavenly, Loumotta Agro, Loumotta Magnum – the list can go on!

JHK Red China Girl.  Another of the foundation cows in the Loumotta stud.  We bought her as a year old heifer.  Her father was a Leachman Current Value and she was imported in her mother, Leachman Star.  She didn’t disappoint!  Her two best daughters was Loumotta Chania, an SA Champion and daughter of Hijlettas Solid Gold (Solid Gold was also brother to Hijlettas PJ Miss Larcab) and Loumotta Demi, a Bieber Design daughter and SA Reserve Senior Champion Cow.

Loumotta Jane.  Jane 00-614.  Over the last two years she has been the best maternal cow in the country (Black and Red) at +22.6 for milk.  She is a Leachman Above Heaven daughter.  In 2008, Mr. Leon van Rooyen gave her one look and took her home.  Luckily we do have daughters and sisters of her on the farm.  One of her daughters, Jane 5, weaned her first calf at 292kg at an index of 118.  Her second calf weaned at 342kg and an index of 112!  Another Jane-daughter, 897, bred the stud bull Loumotta Sugar, weaned at 360kg!  All of these weights were achieved without any creep feed, although we did have some good veld the last few years.

Tarzan Gazella 801
.  The footnote written by Lieb du Preez in the sale catalogue read: “One breeds such a cow only once in a lifetime”.  Needless to say she was the most expensive animal of the day! She was flushed five times and produced 100 embryos, 90% of them grade 1’s!!  Let me give you a list of what she has already bred:

  • Tarzan Heavenly 49- used by not less than six breeders.

  • Loumotta Major League – bought by Copelands, Holvlei and Nicelle Angus for R100 000.

  • Loumotta Major Man – bought by Gert Malherbe and Supa van Rooyen.  Major Man holds the record for the highest priced heifer at R90 000 at the Angus Alliance Sale.  Major Man’s bulls also got the highest prices at the 2010 National Sale.

  • Loumotta Mister League – used as stud bull by Enslin Coetzee.

  • Loumotta Major – exported to Namibia by Mr. Walter Dentlinger.

  • Loumotta Shalbert – bought at the Angus Alliance Sale by Jacat Stud (Namibia).

  • Loumotta Equalizer – golden merit bull used in our stud.

Her best-known daughter, Loumotta Gazella Robin, which is owned by Mr. Flippie du Plessis, won the Gold Cup at Morreesburg in 2009.  Her full sister, AC 05-78, produced Loumotta Hammer – a No Doubt (PBC3554XGirly) son.  He is a potential stud bull.


LVR 503

LVR 503.  We bought her as a 8 month-old heifer and never looked back!  She is a EXT daughter and out of Wally Sharratt’s best cow line, Sky Athena, which was an SA Champion and Gold Cup winner.  Mark Hattingh flew in from Australia to attend the Angus Alliance Sale and to buy this cow.  She sold for R200 000.  Her average weaning index of 119 places her at the top of the Angus breed.  She is the no. 1 yearling weight, no. 1 combined maternal and no. 3 weaning weight-cow in the country.  Loumotta Hulk is a black son of hers, sired by Calvin.  If Loumotta uses a black bull he has to be exceptional!  A daughter 06-189, is the one that will continue the line in our stud.  As a first calf heifer she weaned her Above Heaven calf at 341kg with an index of 123!  She also flushed 18 grade 1 embryos.

Marshmoor Princess. This line we were desperate to get.  Marshmoor Princess was an SA Champion in 1988.  Her daughter Queen was SA Reserve Champion in 1992. At the same National Show Marshmoor Lonestar was SA Junior Champion Bull – he was the beginning of the Lonestar line.  We have two Calvin granddaughters out of Queen that are now in production – something to look forward to!


Breeder of champions twice. Four time winner of the Gold Cup. SA champions bulls & females on numerous occasions.

View our victory roll of SA Grand Champions & Reserve Grand Champions for the last 15 years.

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